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Kill the Poet (pre-production)

Steal Away (pre-production)
-Jesse (Woke Reenactor)

The Invitation (pre-production) as Luke

D.O.P.E. UNIT (TV Series) (pre-production)

Pilot - The UNIT is formed (2022) as Malcom 'Shyne' Kelly

Whealthy and Wise (pre-production) as Patrick Campbell (2022)

What Do You Have? (pre-production) as Andrew (2022)

Sebastian (post-production) as Jacob (2022)

Serial Killer in Harlem (post-production) as Jack (2023)

They Turned Us Into Killers (post-production) as Jason Johnson (2023)


Birder (post-production) as Kristian Brooks (2023)


Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration (post-production) as Corey (2023)

Poor Paul (completed) as Mr. Bellagamba, Esquire (2022)

Peter Five Eight (completed) as Travis (2023)

The Equalizer (TV Series)

Where There's Smoke (2022) as Xavier Mannis

On Ten (TV Mini Series) as Agent Polk

Episode #1.4 (2022) as Agent Polk

Episode #1.3 (2022) as Agent Polk

Serenity Farm, the Movie as Journalist (2021)

The Great Game Farm Rescue as Texan (2021)

Station 19 (TV Series) as Greg

All I Want for Christmas Is You (2021) as Greg

An Intrusion as Devin (2021)

Room 9 as Jason Johnson (2021)

Tale of Tails
 (TV Series) as Chuck

Stress Ball (2021) as Chuck

American Wisper as Reverend Henning (2019)

Eye For An Eye (TV Movie) as David Clark (2019)

The Lurker as Miles Little (2019)

Sneaky Pete (TV Series) as Man #1

The Mask Drop (2019) as Man #1

The Sunshine Switcheroo (2019) as Man #1

Caesar's Ring as Ron Bachar (2018)

Randy's Canvas as Henry (2018)

Another Tango as Mr. Lansing (2018)

Corbin Nash as Officer Michaels (2018)

Abducted as Jim Tomanek (2017)

Nowhere to Turn (Short) as Richard 

Ransom's Law (TV Series) as Ransom (2017)

Alkehine's Gun

Flight Into the Power Zone as Ransom

Oil and Water as Ransom

The First Enactment as Ransom

A Damascene Blade as Ransom

Show all 18 episodes

StartUp (TV Series) as Brent

Bleeding Edge (2017) as Brent

Disruption (2017) as Brent

Sable as AA Group Leader (2017)

Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies as Matt (2017)

Deadly Sanctuary as Deputy Potts as (2016)

The Trees (Short) as Jordan (2016)

My Frankie (Short) as Dover (2016)

Fishes 'n Loaves: Heaven Sent as Rain DeAngelis (2016)

Undercover (TV Series) as Luke

Is It Really What It Appears to Be? (2016) as Luke

Love on the Run as Policeman #2 (2016)

79 Parts as Jimmy (2016)

The Sweet Life as Tick Tock Jackson (2016)

Citrus Springs as Bashore (2016)

Dark Memories (TV Series short) as Billy

Death at Sunrise (2016) as Billy

Days of Our Lives (TV Series) as EMT/Hospital Messanger

Episode #1.12750 (2015) as EMT

Episode #1.12605 (2015) as Hospital Messanger

The Bay (TV Series) as Officer Smith

Episode #2.8 (2015) as Officer Smith

The Young and the Restless (TV Series) as Marc

Episode #1.10770 (2015) as Marc

Bone Tomahawk as Redheaded Fellow (2015)

Pontiac Angel (Short) as Billy (2015)

The '51 Dons (Short) as Gino Marchetti (2015)

Abyss of Being (Short) as Daryl (2015)

Fishes 'N Loaves (TV Series) as Randolph Michaels

Winds of Change: Part One (2015) as Randolph Michaels

The Sparrows: Nesting as Rick(2014)

Your Honor? (TV Series) as Bronze God

Ron Knows Best (2014) as Bronze God

The Historian as Stephen (2014)

Shameless (TV Series) as Bruce (2013)

There's the Rub (2014) as Bruce

Halfway to Hell as Jake (2013)

Crackhorse Presents (TV Series) as Harrison

Say Yes (2013) as Harrison

Body of Proof (TV Series) as Rookie Cop

Breakout (2013) as Rookie Cop

Kung Fu and Titties as Thug #3 (2012)

Bad Parents as Boss (2012)

Petunia as Larry (2012)

Nate & Margaret as Chad (2012)

Blue Bloods (TV Series) as Phil Daelman

Parenthood (2012)

The One as Luke (2010)

As the World Turns (TV Series) as Andy

Episode #1.13843 (2010)

Episode #1.13786 (2010)

Wicked Attraction (TV Series documentary) as Bradley Martin

Beyond the Wire (2010)

Consent as Party Kid (2009)

One Life to Live (TV Series) as Officer Kennedy/EMT #1

For Whom the Bellman Tells (2009) as Officer Kennedy

Driving Miss Destiny (2009) as EMT #1

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (TV Series) as Wise Guy / Kid in Store

Episode dated 13 October 2009 (2009) as Wise Guy

Episode dated 25 May 2009 (2009) as Kid in Store

2008-2009All My Children (TV Series) as Orderly

Episode #1.10155 (2009) as Orderly

Episode #1.10111 (2009) as Orderly

Episode #1.10075 (2009) as Orderly

Episode #1.10058 (2009) as Orderly

Episode #1.10035 (2009) as Orderly

Show all 7 episodes

Guiding Light (TV Series) as Lenny the Waiter

Episode #1.15585 (2009) as Lenny the Waiter

Monk (TV Series) as Tourist

Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan (2004) as Tourist (uncredited)

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